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I can't give up.. I can't give up..

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is my favorite work of yours. The shading and three dimensional effects are done to perfection. It almost looks like a Pixar frame to me, the realistic shape and shading is drawn to perfection. It really does look realistic in that sense.

The best feature of this art though, is perspective, its formed amazingly. The way she is looking up as the rain covers every inch around her, just touches me really. The look of genuine emotion and pain in her eyes, is as realistic as the picture itself. That's what, to me, makes an amazing piece of art. The ability to show emotion.

My only is with it is the 'puddle effect' you have tried to make, I really feel it just looks more like a scratch on my monitor than a puddle. Excluding the one circling her, that looks genuine. Otherwise, they don't work for me too well.

Basically the only issue I found. Brilliant.

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WendyAtticus responds:

<33 Thank you so very much!
Making realistic puddles is hard D: But I will try harder next time! Thank you ^^

Twilight Fight Twilight Fight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ganon The Great.

I absolutely love your drawing style, love it. It always have a pastel feel to it, but definately isn't made with the things. The characters look true to their original forms, and your lining, shading, and shaping all flow beautifully. I love the slight transition of Ganons appearance, he remains similar to his roots, but has a unique touch.

If I could find any issue with this picture. I can only find two, one is tiny, the other is slightly more noticeable, and a bit more of a problem, to me.

I don't exactly love the background, although I can't really see any other ways the background would have worked. I just feel you could have given it a more sky feel, and had it have different tone changes more so. It seems to shift slightly, but the colour is essentially the same. Maybe some red/purple sunset clouds would suit better?

It just makes it seem more like a full picture, rather than a character on a plain piece of paper.

My second, more noticeable issue is Ganons hand. I understand you were trying to make it look as it it were moving, but it looks like it was moving too fast. The blue is too extreme for the situation really. It looks nice really, but it just seems exaggerated to me, and could have been more subtle.

This though, is an amazing piece. I am only saying these things because, I need to get picky with criticisms for such great pictures. Beautiful!

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Stygi: She-Demon with a Sword Stygi: She-Demon with a Sword

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is a very captivating piece of art. Its fairly original, and your style is brilliant. I love the simple idea of making her a woman - as its a very rare gender with things of this sort. It adds a sense of originality to a seemingly regular picture. I love your style, very animated, very cartoon.

I covered this with a fine tooth comb, and came up with only one real flaw. The horns. One seems more gentle and curved, whilst the other is rugged and pointed. Its not much, but its the one standout flaw in a seemingly flawless work. So that's when it becomes an issue, whenever everything is great, people get technical. The beauty of being talented!

In all, your shading and lines are drawn to perfection. Although shaping is irregular, but as intended, it looks very good, very smooth. The entire image flows, and falls together well. The type of art we like to see here!

I like this.

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&amp;quot;Big Bang!&amp;quot; "Big Bang!"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


As you said, 100% Realism. But although it isn't a picture you have sat perfecting for hours on end, for what it is, its good. I mean, I can only rate it for its purpose. Being a simple, cartoon style picture, with no need for definition in a realistic way.

So the use of simple shading, and simplicity in general applies well. It would be a good prop in any animated film. But you still have the tone, the shading, the shape, and everything else very well done for what it is.

As I stated, for the simple thing it is, I quite like this.

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Archawn responds:

It is actually concept art for a game I'll be starting soon.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Perfect Sketch Feel.

I haven't seen the character your basing this drawing on. But I don't care.

This is a brilliant drawing. The sketch feel of it is done to perfection, a few slight stray lines add to the depth and shading of the picture. Its almost strange, because it has a 'messy, clean feel'. The lines and such seem messy, but at the same time, your messy feel is done cleanly. If that's defined correctly at all.

I think you should thank Guyver, because in my personal opinion, this is your best piece of work to date. I have looked at the picture from top to bottom, and I can't find any outstanding issues with it at all, its pretty much flawless. Its two best things in my opinion are slight, but in the full scheme, play a huge role.

- The background just looks perfect. I love how your strokes just slightly come out of their borders in the back, it still looks clean. The colour combination with the picture subject falls together absolutely perfectly.
- The blood splatter on the subject looks brilliant. It isn't exactly confronting, but is noticed. It just looks great, and once again, fits with the entire scheme.

This is your best style.

dommi-fresh responds:

i prefer my hand drawn stuff myself because digital art is so over used now. but i really appreciate the review dude i am glad you like.

El Aurige El Aurige

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So Much Depth.

This is easily your best piece in my opinion, and by far my favorite. The colors and composition of this piece are immaculate, truly realistic and breathtaking. I feel as though the stars and the illuminated night sky are right there in front of me. The way they are shown as light, and perfectly colored, amazes me.

My only issue with this picture, after trying my best to find one - was scale. The picture seemed too long for my taste, as if it didn't have enough fill, and it was a thin, light piece. I think adding an extra tiny amount of the horizontals would have made it better.

Other than that (Me being picky), your image is perfection. It paints a story in ones mind, as all your pictures tend to do really. I feel as though this picture, more than any other, speaks volumes of a novel-like creation. I believe it's imagery like this that creates writing and books, and starts peoples minds. Its fuel really.

I don't know how this didn't get 1st place, must have been submitted on a rough day. 3rd place does this no justice. Its worthy of so much more, but all your art is. Just keep up at this rate, and your going to get noticed more. Have you ever considered drawing 'portrait' style pictures, rather than landscape? Or, just not your thing. I think you could do it well.

I love it.

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Tranquil Waterfall Tranquil Waterfall

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Canopy Brilliance.

You have clearly mastered your art. Your style is recognizable as your own, without the need for artist information or a signature. And you have this noticeable style of yours worked out perfectly, and drawn to practical perfection. So not only are you an amazing, and gifted artist in general, you are one who is not easily forgotten. Always a big help!

The fact it came out this amazing, when you say your hardware and software were having issues, makes it that much more remarkable. I mean, you have gone through clear struggles, and came out with a finished product beyond most who have $1000 tablets. Your a true artist, its in you. I'm actually surprised your not noticed here more. I personally believe you're worthy of a lot more trophies and overall notoriety than you are getting.

Anyway, just keep your style up, keep it you. Its an amazing overall style, and this individual piece is just as amazing. Perfect colors, perfect shading, and you made the angle itself absolutely perfect. For one of the few times in my reviewing history, I have nothing to criticize you on, at all.

Keep them coming.

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Kamikaye responds:

Oh what an honorable comment :) Many thx.

Maybe Im not really known around here because my style alters a bit from the usual outlined flash style ,and my lack of advertising I think. I dont advertise, I just post pics.

A day in the Clayos office A day in the Clayos office

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Art Piece.

The imagery here is perfect. The shading everywhere is perfect, and the look of the light radiating from the laptop screens in shown perfectly. Most art has a white screen but cannot portray the 'light' being emitted by the screen, you mastered this. The image comes out as realistic in a cartoon sense, and is convincing for what it is.

Your style reminds me of the style used in the Foamy series - I'm sure you have seen these animations before, and I'm not certain if this is the style you go for, or if this has always been your style, either way its done well. The only real flaw with this, is that it isn't exactly breathtaking.

I mean, there are no flaws I can see in the sense of shading, lines, the basics, etc. But this isn't one of those pictures that really captivates someone, and I feel your style will never achieve a drawing that really is, only simple 'Hey, this looks pretty neat, whats next', type pictures.

I'm not trying to be picky or anything, I just feel if theres nothing direct to criticize, find something to try and potentially help the artist behind the work, unless they're Da Vinci. I do believe you have the fundamental skills of shading, lines, etc, to expand your work into breathtaking imagery.

It will just be unfamiliar ground for you.

Kreid responds:

Yup yup, I certainly do know the Foamy series :) and I've been aiming for a dark feeling style. I was trying mainly just to practice poses and expressions in ttis piece so that I can do better for my webcomic and not rely on copy-paste characters. As for it not having a main focal point, yeah I relalised this when making it, but I'll keep this in mind with my other art from now on :)

Reviews like that are awesome by the way :P